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Importance of emotional intelligence

Importance of emotional intelligence and how to improve it Emotional intelligence is essential in order to have successful businesses, as entrepreneurs have to go though many stressful situations every day, which demand from them to have much control over their emotions. In this article we will show you how your emotional intelligence can be improved.… Read More »

What to learn about business before you are 30?

What to learn about business before you turn 30? On the business world, there are plenty of stories, strategies and lessons to be learned, if you are under 30, you will take great advantage of them and we will present you some in this article. “Young entrepreneurs can learn from the experience from successful businessmen,… Read More »

Make Your Small Business More Profitable

5 Tips to Make Your Small Business More Profitable Profit is how we keep score in business. Just because you can pencil profit into the financial section of your business plan doesn’t mean it automatically will happen. As an entrepreneur, you have to commit fully to “minding your own business” to generate the profits that… Read More »