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Strategic sales

Strategic Sales

Good Strategic Sales Plan to get anywhere

Success in sales management starts with planning. As a leader, you want to develop a plan that provides your sales team with the strategy and tactics to lead them to success. I recommend following these five key components to developing a successful sales plan.

 Define your ideal customers.

The first step, in your sales plan, is to formulate a strategy for acquiring new clients and maintaining your existing ones. What does your ideal client look like? The best way to determine this is to look at your current clients and study them.

Know your USP.

Your strategic plan should describe not just your products and services, but your unique selling proposition. Your USP is the thing that sets you apart from your competition. Your company may offer the same set of products and services as your competitor, so why should customers choose you? The answer should be more than you have the lowest price. Make sure you understand your USP and if you aren’t sure what it is, ask around.

Analyze your territory.

What’s the market or territory your sales efforts will cover? In your sales plan, you should define your market geographically to start with.

Who is your competition?

In your sales plan, it is extremely important that you know and understand your competition. Unless you have a market all to yourself, understanding how the competition operates and functions is key to your success and the success of each of your salespeople.

Sales Expectations.

Most of this information should be in your business plan. If not, you should develop a forecast of your sales and expenses by month, quarter and year. Do this for your entire team and each of your territories. Include in this forecast sales headcount, units sold, revenue and anticipated margin. It’s important to remember that sales expectations, just like the rest of your strategic sales plan, is a dynamic document you’ll constantly revisit and adjust as you go forward.

“Your sales plan and your sales strategy is an exceedingly important document that deserves lots of time and energy to develop” commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal”, president of Grupo Denim.

Mexico as an innovation power

mexico innovation

What does Mexico need to be an innovation power?

Mexico was able to climb 9 places on the Global Innovation Index in 2015, compared to 2014, it is positioned on 57° place of a total of 141 countries; however, there are still a few obstacles that this country has to overcome in order to impulse this country on this category.

“Mexico is continuously innovating, but there is still a long way to go, this is not entirely the Government’s responsibility, but we all as a country must participate in order to reach our goal”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Singularity University is an organization that looks to inspire leaders through the exponential growth of technology in order to solve the greatest challenges that humanity has to face.

Enterprises in Mexico must start innovating as well as this is a key for them to detonate their productivity and real incomes, as at least 18% of the total of companies in Mexico have declared that they do not implement any type of innovations on their factories.

Among some of the aspects that inhibit the jump that Mexico must do in order to be an innovation power we find the following:

  • Politics – This is a reactive side that must be changed, legislations must be done often.
  • Culture – This includes all sides, such as trust culture, this means trusting on others to collaborate and create innovating ideas.
  • Forces – Mexico should start joining forces, this is how they will start innovating.

“Mexico has a huge market, which means we have all tools needed for innovation, we just need to work together as a country in order to start making significant changes on our politics, personal life, businesses and all aspects that will lead us together to become an innovation power”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villlarreal about this topic.

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Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans

Characteristics of Maternity Jeans

In course of pregnancy, women have to look fit and presentable to outer world despite the changes in their body shapes especially around the tummy. That is one of the problems that most of the women in their pregnancy and it need to be addressed properly. Jeans are also one of the most popular cladding apparel for women these days whether they are going to market, grocery stores or any other places. For women in pregnancy, maternity jeans can address most of the problems they face.

Best Fit for Women

Finding the best fit for women is therefore necessary in respect of women that are in their pregnancies. One thing that the women should learn is that jeans can be worn in divergent ways.

What to Look For

What the feature of quality maternity jeans should be? Here are a few things that the ultimate user should take care of.

  • Jeans that women wear should be cute and make their personality flourish.
  • At the same time they should be well designed to address the issues relating to PPB or pregnancy plumber’s butt.
  • Jeans purchased should conform to the budget of the buyer.

Once these issues are addressed the user can safely assume that the jeans worn by them are the best fit for their requirements.

Some of the characteristics of best jeans to be used during pregnancy are as follows.

  • It should be very comfortable for the user.
  • There could be bands or the jeans could be without bands. Habitual jeans used in maternity period are usually no-band materials.
  • Ideal jeans will have low rise with a button and zip-fly.
  • Other good jeans could be those below the belly or mid-belly.

Different types of maternity jeans are available in the market that includes jeans without bands, jeans below the belly, and jeans mid belly.

“Better fitting jeans would be good during pregnancy but it has to have the capability of adjusting to the shape of the body those changes quite considerably during such times” said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Frauds in business in 2016

Frauds in business in 2016

Frauds that can be easily identified in business in 2016

Technology keeps on going on a constant battle to defeat frauds on businesses, facing new challenges every day and today we will show you some type of frauds that can be easily identified and a way to avoid being victims of them.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a Mexican manufacture company thinks about this topic: “Technology has made us easier our daily life, communication and the way of making business, but there is also another side, and we need to learn as much as we can avoid frauds in order to avoid being victims of them, as this can cause some serious problems and even get a company into a bankrupt”.

Here are some of the frauds that we might face in 2016:

  • Social networks – Although this is a great way of contacting new customers, it is also a way to be an easy victim of frauds. Scammers are more sophisticated on the way of getting personal information, always check twice the information you share on your social network, as a person can get many of your data easily and fraudsters will get advantage of this.
  • Mobile devices – Many businesses are handling their sales with the help of technology, allowing their customers to access and buy their products by their mobile devices, but scammers will look into this sector in 2016 more than ever, so make sure your mobile is secure, as well as your passwords.
  • Information shared to the finance companies – Frauds have made everyone being more aware of the information they were, so the finance companies will have to make more for their customers with as little information as possible, this is a way of protecting their customers from being victims of frauds.

“We should be really aware of the information we share and the way of doing it, we can all easily fall into the hands of frauds, so we need to be extremely careful with our personal data”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.